commgr_migeer Wrote:
“Hey all,

Did you know that we have launched migGames ? Well just go to more on mig33>migWorld>migGames !

Currently it’s Russian Roulette, but hold on to your kibbles! More games will be out soon… just wait for it.

Below are some FAQs ::

Q: What is migGames?
A: You can play games in chat rooms with your friends in mig33
Q: Where can I play these games?
A: Games available in group chat or enter chat room Game 1 – Game 50 to play. Go to migWorld for more information about the games.
Q: What games are available on migGames?
A: Type /games to see available games. Russian Roulette game is the first. More to come!
Q: How to add Russian Roulette game in chatroom?
A: In chat room Game 1 – Game 50, type /bot rr for Russian Roulette and type /start to start the game (Reminder: only bot caller can start the game).
Q: How to join to the game?
A: After a bot caller start the games, you can join the games within 90 seconds by typing !j to join to the game.
Q: I have join the Russian Roulette games, how to play?
A: You will be notified that you have added to the game. When it’s your turn, type !s to spin. Spin the wheel and see if you are lucky. If you get a click, you’re safe. If it’s a BANG, you’re out!
Q: How to stop the game?
A: Type /bot stop to stops the current game.
Q: What is the requirement to play the games?
A: Minimum players needed are 2 players. Those who start (/start) and join (/j) will be charged USD 0.05 per games.
Q: What is the charge?
A: Default charge is USD$0.05. You can also start with custom entry by typing !start .
Q: How many players can play the game?
A: Unlimited. Anyone in the chatroom can join by type !j to join. Last-standing players wins all.
Q: What is the prize?
A: Play for money and win the pot. The winner wins (100*X)% of the pot and will be credited to your mig33 account.