Jakarta – PT Trikomsel Okay Tbk signed an agreement with mig33, international company that has the largest wireless community network in the world, to build cooperation in the distribution of vouchers.

Telecommunications company recently listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in April 2009, which then, together with mig33, will build cooperation in the distribution of vouchers to make it easy for mobile consumers in Indonesia, where customers can download the content of the product mig33 -interesting content through the site for free and www.mig33.com make purchases at retail outlets, toll companies ‘OkeShop’ which amounted to 802 outlets spread across 145 cities in Indonesia.

Corporate Secretary said Trikomsel Juliana Samudro consumers in Indonesia, especially OkeShop customers for the first time can buy credit-cellular applications directly from mig33-national retail companies. This cooperation combines the two leading mobile companies in the mobile phone user community of the world’s largest.

He added that Indonesia is one of the largest mobile Internet market outside the United States, with 240 million inhabitants and the number of active mobile phone users as much as 110 million people. Migg33 itself currently has more than 25 million customers around the world.

“Working together with mig33 company is part of our commitment to consumers in Indonesia, especially OkeShop customers, to provide added services in telecommunications,” said Sugiono Wiyono, President Director of the Company in a press release today, Friday 28 August 2009.

Sugiono added that mig33 very popular, especially among the young generation in Indonesia. This cooperation is expected to be the beginning of another collaboration with mig33 and is expected to develop and market other applications in Indonesia.

“mig33 welcomes this opportunity to work more closely with the company in providing new cellular services exciting and valuable for consumers in Indonesia,” said Steve Boom, Executive Chairman of migg33 on the same occasion.

He added that cooperation with not only gives Trikomsel retail business opportunities that offer a huge premium for mig33, but also opens a lot of strategic opportunities where both`company can continue to improve services to consumers and strengthen the market share of both parties.

mig33 is the first mobile community in the world and the largest, which provides a variety of communications and entertainment services to more than 25 million members and cellular devices worldwide. With mig33, tall members of the 200 countries affiliated with the service and chat applications, instant messaging, email, photo sharing, virtual Gifting, profile sharing, and much more.

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