commgr_migeer Wrote:

Hey all, here are some nifty info about the Werewolf game which we launch recently :


• !start
Start a game of werewolf. Optional custom amount to enter the pot. This needs to be higher than the default in the game. X% of the total pot goes to mig
Example: !start 6
This will charge the user USD 0.06 (6 cents USD) to enter the sweepstake.

• ! no
20 seconds to cancel the charge above. The actual charge doesn’t complete till the minimum players have joined.

• !j
Join a current game. 90 seconds for all players to join. If a player cannot be charged, and there are not enough players, noone will be charged. Roles are assigned when play starts.

• !v
When prompted, all players cast their lynch vote (which player they think must be lynched). If not voted twice in a row, player is kicked out, and forfeits pot. They usually have 45 seconds to discuss suspicions during the day time, and 45 seconds to cast their vote.

• !k
At night time, when prompted, the wolf has 60 seconds to kill a villager.

• !s
At night time, when prompted, the seer has 60 seconds to ask the spirits about the identity of the villager.

• !a
Any player can ask the bot to see the names of players who are still alive and playing.