Game play

Goal: Play the card game One with 2 or more players. Player who plays all their cards first, wins.

Charges: Free

Players: 2 – 4 players needed for game.

Play: Each player is dealt 7 cards at the beginning of each game. At each player’s turn, the player must play a card that matches either the color and/or the value of the card on top. If a player does not have such a card, they must draw at least one card and then can either play the drawn card or pass. The player to play all their cards first, wins.

Cards (more details below):

-> Colors: Red – r, Green – g, Blue – b, Yellow – y

-> [d2] = Draw 2. Makes the next player draw 2 and then skips that person’s turn.

-> [r] = Reverse. Reverses the order of play so that whoever went right before you will now be next.

-> [s] = Skip. Skips the next player’s turn.

-> [w] = Wild. With a wild card you can change the color to whatever you want.

-> [wd4] = Wild Draw 4. Same as a wild card except the next person draws 4 cards and is skipped.
Adding and Removal

/bot one: Adding to Room

/bot stop: Removal
Game Commands

!start: Start a game of One. The player who starts the game is also the dealer

!deal: When prompted, the starter of the game must deal the cards to start the play.

!j: Join a game of One. 60 seconds to join. 2-4 players

!h: Look at your current hand of cards.

!p <card color> <card value>: Play one of your number cards, or skip [s], reverse [r], draw 2 [d2] cards. Example 1: To play 3 green: !p g 3 Example 2: To play red skip card: !p r s

!p <wild card> <substitute color>: Play one of your wild [w] or wild draw 4 [wd4] cards and substitute it for a specific color. Example : To play wild draw 4 [wd4] card and change to colour red: !p wd4 r

!s: Pass the turn. Only after a card has been drawn by typing !d

!d: If you can’t or don’t want to play a card, you can draw a card from the stack. You can then either !p or !s.

!c: Show counts of cards each player has left.

Player to play all their cards first, wins!
Game Details

-> Each player is dealt 7 cards, the remaining cards are placed face down to form the DRAW pile. The top card of the DRAW pile is turned over to form the DISCARD pile. The first player has to match the top card of the DISCARD pile either by Color, or Card. For example, a Red 2 can be played on a Red S, a Red 2 can be played on a Blue 2, and a Red Skip can be played on a Blue Skip. The player can also put a wild card down. If the player can’t play anything or doesn’t want to, he can draw a card from the DRAW pile. If the player draws and can play it, he can, if not, he can pass. Once the player plays a card or passes, it is the next players turn. Once a player has no cards left, the game ends and scoring takes place. The cards are scored like so:

-> Number cards are face value.

-> Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip are 20 points.

-> Wild cards are 50 points.
Card Details

-> There are a total of 108 cards:

-> 19 each of Blue, Red, Green & Yellow number cards. (One 0, two of each 1-9).

-> 8 Draw 2 (d2) cards, 2 in every color.

-> 8 Reverse® cards, 2 in every color.

-> 8 Skip (s) cards, 2 in every color.

-> 4 Wild (w) cards.

-> 4 Wild Draw 4 (d4) cards